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Sustainable silicate glue - Glutura develops and produces adhesive systems for various industrial applications, where our main focus is on interior products.

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The growing demand for enviromentally friendly adhesive solutions has resulted in our GLUTURA solutions with silicates that can replace the traditional fossil based technologies.

“ Let's find a solution that suits your demands for a sustainable adhesive solution. Today, we work with both established manufacturers and with newly established companies - and no project is to big or to small. ”


We work on innovative projects to find new uses of silica in order to create sustainable solutions for the future.

We are proud to share the eco-friendly, sustainable technology based on clean natural materials with the purpose of a greener Earth.

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Adhesives are used to bind things together in a large variety of applications. We see products every day that has been glued together but in most cases we don’t see the adhesive itself. Still, it can be a very important part of many products we use every day.

Wood products are often glued, in the early days natural adhesives were used, like casein, collagen, starches etc. With the industrial development and increased productivity demands adhesives based on natural raw materials were replaced by fossil-based adhesives.

The environmental drawbacks of them have nowadays raised questions about their use and the trend is now to move back to natural products. Glutura is based on mainly based on silicates which is an emission free and non fossil raw material. Waterglass is known to have adhesive properties but with limited use due to its inherent properties. Our research has taken advantage of the adhesive properties of liquid silicates and improved to adhesive properties that needed improving to be suitable for our target applications.

How it works...

Glutura adhesives have a similar curing behavior to thermosetting adhesives. Assembly and press times are also about the same and curing temperature is also in the same range.

Full glue-line strength takes a bit longer to reach but tack and initial bonding strength is good enough for handling material in production processes.


Glutura is used in standard glue application equipment.

Getting started with our technology - and making it stick