What if... we could use nature and create a strong bond with it?


Our adhesive systems are based on silicate and are a sustainable alternative to existing traditional adhesive systems.

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Glutura is the brand name and identity of our "Bonding with Nature" adhesives solutions and products.

Björn Engström

“ We have created an environmentally friendly and nontoxic silicate adhesive solution - free of formaldehyde. ”

The growing demand for enviromental friendly adhesive solutions has resulted in our GLUTURA solutions with silicates that can replace the traditional formaldehyde based technologies.

The long and extensive research and testing process has finally come to the stage where we want to tell the rest of the world about this great news.



Silicon (14Si) is the second most abundant element on Earth. Approximately 25% of its crust is silicon. Sand and quartz are well known minerals based on silicon. Silicon is inert and inorganic and thus not subject to biological degradation itself.

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Getting started with our technology - and making it stick